Five Minute Friday (on Tuesday): Person

This isn’t an official Five Minute Friday post and I came up with my own word, but I wanted to honor the its spirit: five minutes, no editing, just write. I don’t do enough of any type of writing, but especially the kind where I don’t censor myself.



One of the hardest concepts for someone to grasp is that other humans are just as much of a person as they are. You are not the only person in the world. We’re all people.

Lately it’s felt like a lot of people have never grasped this concept, at least not people on the internet. That generation you rile against? It’s made up of people. The religious group you seem to hate so much? Also made up of people. The criminal? Still a person. The fast food order who pushed a wrong button and messed up your order? Definitely a person. ¬†The supporter of the other political party? You guessed it, a person.

Coming to a different conclusion on an issue or idea does not remove someone’s personhood. Treating someone with anything less than human dignity is wrong¬†even if you completely disagree on something. You’re a person, they’re a person; treat each other accordingly.


Apparently I have a lot of thoughts on this issue, so I may write more on this later.