Five Minute Friday


Every Friday hundreds of bloggers unite to silence the most severe critics of all time: Ourselves. We are our own hardest critics. We are the ones who see every flaw in what we write. We are the ones who are so caught up in making sure every comma is correctly placed, who edit ourselves into stress, who cannot see the beauty of what we write for the sake of the few minor errors we might have. We fear to follow our fingers as they instinctively pound out the words our hearts yearn to sFive-Minute-Friday-4ay because what if this makes us vulnerable?

Every Friday we set all these fears aside and just write. For five minutes, with no editing or backtracking, we write. And sometimes those five minutes reveal things we have needed to say for a long time. Those five minutes release the profound from within.

If you’re interested in joining up, head over here and check out Kate Motaung’s official Five Minute Friday page. May God give you all clear minds and speedy fingers as you write from your heart.


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