Five-Minute-Friday: Expect

It’s time for another not-so-regular Five Minute Friday post! Here we go!


20 days ago I got married. Wow! Me, the girl with all the issues – I got married!


We went through premarital counseling and even had a whole session on managing expectations going into marriage. But the reality is you can’t ever actually be prepared for marriage. No matter how much time we spend talking about types of things to expect and not expect, you really don’t know what to expect.

What will living with this man I love be like? Is he grumpy in the mornings? Does he leave stuff all over the place? Does he change his towel frequently?

There is no way to know these things, so it’s hard to set up realistic expectations.

So I did the only thing I could do: I held my expectations loosely. I opened my hands, rather than clinching down on only one way that we could live together happily.

With expectations held loosely, we can adjust to each other so much more easily, with no disappointment.




6 thoughts on “Five-Minute-Friday: Expect

  1. Congratulations! I’ve found marriage to be an experience of joyful frustrations. I realize those two are contradictory in a lot of ways and so is marriage. As long as you can keep the frustrations joyful (so dealing with them with humor and the assuming the best of intentions) you’ll survive! Hope you are happy, joyful and always hopeful!

  2. Congratulation!! It is so exciting to be starting out on the marriage journey. We will be celebrating 24 years next week (Wow! Time flies!) I think you’ve got it, hold expectations loosely, there’s room to grow together that way. Good luck to you! Visiting from FMF

  3. Expectations held loosely, Hands open to receive that which is so much better. I like it.

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