Five Minute Friday: Mornings

I haven’t done a Five Minute Friday post in a long time, but here’s to getting back in the swing of things!


Mornings are the bane of existence. Those who know me know I don’t talk in the mornings. I have to get up for work a lot earlier than other people because it takes me so long to truly wake up. You want me to be alert and cordial when I walk through the doors at work? Then you’d better let me get up at least an hour and a half before I have to leave the house. In an ideal world, I wouldn’t get up until 10 every morning simply because of how much I dislike mornings.

But at the same time, mornings are my favorite time of day. When I step out of my apartment and turn away from locking the door, I am faced every single morning with the sunrise. I am often stopped in my tracks by the pure beauty painted in the sky for all to see. Such lavish extravagance! Simply there, asking nothing of us, offering awe for anyone who takes the time to stop. Whether the sunrise is deliberately designed by God or is merely a byproduct of the evolutionary process is immaterial; what matters is its faithful beauty, reminding us that beauty can exist even in the worst situations.

I may hate the idea that I am awake at sunrise, but oh! how I love actually seeing it.