Apple Music

Apple Music came with so much potential. The wealth of the Apple music store integrated with your personal music library? Sounds fantastic! I couldn’t wait to begin using it.

I have to admit, it is pretty cool to be able to find any music I want and listen to it instantly. I can even make playlists and save the songs for offline playback.

Here’s why I won’t pay $10 a month for it when the free trial ends.

  1. The suggestions are lousy. Apple knows so much about my music tastes – every song I’ve rated, every song I’ve listened to on repeat for days on end, every song I’ve hearted on Radio. Why is it, then, that Apple Music seems to have only just met me? It recommends songs based solely on things I have listened to/favorited in Apple Music. Moreover, it presents “Introduction to…” Playlists for artists of whom I have multiple albums in my library. I hardly need an introduction to them, do it? Shouldn’t it introduce me to artists I don’t own?
  2. I have to choose which music source to search. Shouldn’t it search my library and Apple Musoc simultaneously, and play my music if I own it? No, I have to indicate beforehand whether I would like to to search my library or Apple Music. There seems to be this Great Wall separating the services, where neither one can talk to the other one. (except for in the case of point number 3… Sort of.)
  3. Apple Music songs added to a playlist often aren’t available for playback. I use iTunes Match across two Mac computers, an Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and a Windows PC. Yet more often than not, when I try to listen to Apple Music songs I’ve saved to a playlist (because, you know, I like that song), they are grayed out and completely unavailable. Why am I paying Apple all this money to sync my music if it’s not going to sync all of my music.
  4. The price isn’t worth it for me. I have to listen to at least 7 new songs each month in order for Apple Music to be cheaper than just buying a song when I want to hear it. This would be easier to do if the suggestions actually suggested songs/playlists I want to hear (see point 1).

Come on, Apple. You can do better than this! I’ve proven I don’t mind paying for your high quality devices and services. Make Apple Music high quality and I’ll pay for it, too. 


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