Laugh, Cry, or Both?

I found this draft while cleaning up my tagging system. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane, and since the brotherly advice still holds true I decided to add an update for 2014 as well.


One of my brothers recently shared with me a piece of wisdom: “If at the end of the year you have done nothing to either make you laugh, cry, or both, then you have wasted a year.” This year is not quite over, but I thought it’s  close enough to go ahead and spend a few moments in reflection.

2013 Cry-Worthy Events:

  • My best friend moved half way across the nation
  • Meeting the man I hoped to marry, only to have him decide it wasn’t reciprocal
  • Getting hopelessly lost in Fort Worth and accidentally driving into an airplane factory

2013 Laugh-Worthy Events:

  • Playing ridiculous games with my family
  • Icemegeddon causing unintended dances on the stair-well
  • Spending five minutes on the phone with my graduate school trying to explain that I am not a high school student, but am, in fact, enrolled in their grad program

Okay, now let’s try this for this more recent year!

2014 Cry-Worthy Events:

  • Family drama
  • More family drama? Outside of that it was a pretty good year…

2014 Laugh-Worthy Events:

  • Watching my 7-year-old niece and several-month-old nephew roll around in the floor laughing and giggling for no reason
  • Eating gourmet ice cream standing in the rain in downtown Dallas with the bestie
  • Sitting in line forever to watch The Fault in Our Stars with mis amigas.
  • Spontaneously attending a Stars game

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