Google Books

I seriously love Google Books.

Today one of the faculty at my school requested a stack of article requests, all of which were really old. So old that I was afraid no libraries would eve have them, let alone send them to us. It turns out that some of these were so old that I couldn’t even find them in our resource sharing service.

old bookThinking maybe I would have more luck if I had more information about the articles, I turned to my dear friend, Google. Not only did Google give me more information about the article, Google gave me the article itself! Google Books has always been one of those resources I knew existed, but never really used a lot, so naturally I never think of it as a place to find resources for my library users. However, Google Books had every single one of the articles the faculty member requested. What I hadn’t thought of when I saw how old the articles were is that they are now in public domain, and thus available for Google Books to offer digitized versions of to all users.

Once again, Google saved my bacon.


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