Five Minute Friday: Nothing


Take this word – roll it around your head, your mouth. Close your eyes and let it tumble from  your lips. What does this simple word evoke?

Some people find nothing terrifying. The thought of stillness, silence, solitude causes a well of panic to rise up within them. When you ask them what they did last weekend, they will give you a dizzying list of activities leaving you to wonder, “When did they breathe?”

Others, however, find nothing comforting – peaceful, even. Nothing time is time belonging to the person, time they can do with whatever they please. Having nothing to do meant sleeping in, eating a luxurious breakfast, reading a good book with a cup of coffee, and journaling.  Ask this type of person what they did this weekend and they might indeed answer with, “Nothing,” but they will do so with a smile. Because they know that nothing is not something to be feared. It is in the nothing moments of our life when the universe whispers to us, when we discover who we truly are.


Every Friday bloggers across the world silence the inner critic and simply write. Then we share our writings with each other. If you’re feeling the weight of writing, Five Minute Friday will help you set that weight down and get back to the joy of writing. Join us here


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Nothing

  1. Way to GO!! Take the inner critic and give her a little time off. Are you a list a mile long person or someone who enjoys a slow weekend? Glad to find your blog.

  2. Beautiful. I love your poetic style!!! Truth wrapped in beauty.

  3. Lovely…I too love your poetic style. And I am having a Nothing kind of day today, though I can get trapped by the many many activities thing. I’m enjoying today…hope you are too!

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