The Story I Thought Frozen Would Tell

Before Frozen came out I hadn’t heard all that much about it. I gathered impressions from random pictures and occasional bits of social media posts – not the best way to understand a movie, granted, but still. It’s what I had.

Here’s the story I thought Frozen was going to tell.

The story follows two sisters: draft_lens21283768module169055844photo_a40050d096a1aea97448b
frozen_elsa_by_meddek-d6w674hElsa, born on the winter solstice and possessing winter magic, and Anna, born on the summer solstice and possessing summer magic. The sisters were separated at a young age and raised in different places so each would be in a climate more in line with their particular type of magic, where they could learn to master their magic. They have not met since the separation. Now that the sisters are adults, their parent’s kingdom is in danger from another kingdom. The parents, in a last-ditch, desperate measure, summon the sisters home, hoping they will be able to save both them and the kingdom from destruction. The parents die before the sisters can complete their journey home, leaving the kingdom in an even more perilous position. The sisters, wrought with grief and distrustful of the sister they no longer know, must band together and learn to use both the power of winter and the power of summer in tandem in order to save their kingdom.


Imagine my surprise when I actually saw the film! For having gotten so many things correct about the story, I still managed to come up with a completely different story. I’m somewhat disappointed that my story isn’t the one on the screen, especially since only one of the sisters has magic, but I still really enjoyed the official Frozen story. 

frozen_2013_movie-2048x1536(All pictures property of Disney; I don't own any of them)



One thought on “The Story I Thought Frozen Would Tell

  1. I still need to watch it… :-/

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