The Indescribable Within

John Green, arguably the best young adult author of our time, wrote in his most recent novel, The Fault in Our Stars, “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” There are days when I read this quote and think, “Man, what a wonderful way with words John Green has! What incredible command of metaphor!” And then there are days like today.

Days where my thoughts weigh upon my mind but refuse to come together with form or substance. Days where I am overwhelmed with both the inherent brokenness of our world and everyone in it as well as the intense beauty life and the power of the smallest actions to affect a person’s life (and therefore the world). Days where life doesn’t go as planned, but which result in unexpected blessings. Days where both the fear of the future and the hope and expectancy of life to come war against each other. Days where the inner philosopher unsuccessfully attempts to wrest control of my thought processes.

Days where my thoughts, no matter how beautiful or insightful on their own, refuse to coalesce into something more.

This is why reading is important. It allows us to use the words of others to give voice to the indescribable things within us.


2 thoughts on “The Indescribable Within

  1. I feel like this is where I was a week ago. My thoughts were just a jumbled mess that were unexpressible–“Stars I could not fathom into constellations.”

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