The Daily Coffee Routine

People are always surprised when I tell them I’m not a morning person.  My answer? “I’m not a morning person, but coffee lets me pretend I am.” I developed this routine of morning coffee a little over a year ago when I started student teaching; let me just say, morning comes early for teachers.  A year later, my morning coffee remains, but the routine has changed.

I arrive at work 10 minutes early just so I can make sure and have enough pre-work coffee time. The pot is already done brewing, having been put on by my oh-so-excellent coffee brewer coworker.  Creamer, sweetener, and coffee all dance together in my air-tight coffee cup – coffee is, after all, better shaken, not stirred.  This is the part where most people start actually drinking their coffee, but not me.  This is the best part: I hold my coffee cup.  I cradle it between my hands, letting the coffee’s warmth seep through the cup, into my hands, through my body, and into my heart.  Eventually I do get around to sipping through my coffee, but holding the cup gives me just as much of a morning wake up as the caffeine does.


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