On Ghosts in the Hall

Today I am the only person at work in my department.  While I am holding down the fort, answering emails and the phone, processing periodicals and check-ins, the other departments keep walking up and down my hall. On a normal day this does not faze me, but on a normal day there are five other people in the office with me. We make noise; we chat, answer phones, type on keyboards, squeak chairs, click mouses (mice?), and breathe. Our noises cover up the sounds of people in the hall. I do not make enough noise on my own to conceal said noises, not by far.

Yes, I know it is just people waking to and from their offices, but being alone in this big empty office makes them seem more like ghosts than like people. The building I work in used to be a men’s dormitory before being converted into office space. Sixty years ago the original dormitory burned to the ground, leading to this odd, w-shaped replacement building’s construction. Surely a plot of land with such history has a hoard of ghosts to throw at lonesome fort-holders, no?


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