20 by 30

1. Learn to play the violin

2. Become published

3. Graduate from college

4. Get a Master’s degree

5. Be debt free

6. Land the job

7. Read 500 books

8. Visit the UK

9. Go to ComiCon This one will probably never get crossed off the list, sadly. I’ve discovered that large crowds give panic attacks, so intentionally putting myself in the middle of ComicCon no longer seems like a great idea. I’ll have to continue enjoying ComiCon vicariously through others.

10. Go to VidCon Same as number nine. Just not a good mental health decision for me.

11. Learn to drive stick

12. Road trip with a friend

13. Take a night-time road trip

14. Attend a professional opera

15. Attend a professional musical

16. Give blood*

17. Give my last first kiss

18. Learn to cook well

19. Coach Teen Bible Quiz

20. Give away $10,000

*Although this isn’t a big enough deal for most people to warrant making a list like this, it is for me. I have low iron and cannot seem to get my iron high enough to give blood, no matter what I do.


2 thoughts on “20 by 30

  1. I’m planning to embark on a ‘summer of things to do before I turn 30’ this year (I live in Australia… we’re just coming into spring!) Some of these look good 🙂

    • Summer is winding down here in Texas, and I am SO glad. I most definitely do NOT enjoy 110 degree (43 degrees Celsius) weather! What are some of your before-30 things?

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