Thoughts from Pretty Little Liars

My life has been anything but drama-free lately (as evidenced by my two-year absence). In search of some drama I could control, I've been binge-watching Pretty Little Liars - there's enough drama there for anyone. I haven't quite finished the series yet, but here are some of my thoughts and observations while watching. Curtains are your friend. The characters in [...]

The Clara Chronicles: Part 1

It's no secret to anyone I've talked Doctor Who with for very long that I really can't stand the character of Clara Oswin Oswald. She has her moments where she's not horrible, but in general, I dislike her times a thousand. So I've decided that as I'm rewatching her episodes, I'm going to document the waxing and [...]

Hold on to Hope. No, Really: Hold on to Hope.

As this year draws to a close, I can't help but look back and reflect. Friends, it's been a hard year. Not just for me; so many of my friends and acquaintances have walked through dark times this year. Loved ones passing away, huge life changes, battles with depression, divorce, losing jobs, miscarriages - the [...]